Departure of a group of technicians
The installation team arrives at the apartment / home / office of the subscriber to connect the Internet at the appointed time.
Putting the cable into an apartment or an office space
The installer extends the cable from the provider's equipment to the floor where the subscriber's apartment or office is located, along the low-current channels, after which he installs the cable on the floor to the subscriber's apartment (office)
Connector Installation and Cable Switching
In order to get a cable into the apartment, the installer uses existing holes, or drills a new one, if the cable is carried through existing ones - it is difficult. The installer drills a second hole in the apartment for cable installation, at the request of the subscriber
Connecting the computer with a cable to the Internet
After laying and crimping the cable, the installer connects the cable to the network card of the computer or to the router.
Installing an Ethernet network card (if not)
In the absence of a network card in a stationary computer, the installer installs a network card (provided that the computer is not sealed with warranty seals)
Configuring TCP/IP for the customer's computer
The installer enters the necessary information into the database of the provider, registers the mac-address of the network card, configures the protocols, and then performs a test run of the work on the network
Configuring MS Internet Explorer or another browser
The installer, at the request of the client, configures the browser for the most comfortable and safe operation and performs a test run of the work
Create a mailbox on any free server
At the request of the subscriber, the installer can register the mail on one of the free servers (,,,, etc.) and show the basic principles of working with it
Installing and configuring the mail program
The installer at will of the customer establishes the mail client, makes its adjustment and demonstrates work with it
The cost of connection does not include:
Cable laying around the apartment
Reinstalling the operating system and any other programs that go beyond the standard connection
Installation or configuration of additional equipment that goes beyond the standard connection